Should have invested in Bitcoins, but ripple will do for now!

ripple or bitcoin
Should have invested in Bitcoins back in 2010 when i was hunting for 100.000 euro. Didn’t invest as i didn’t understand it and still don’t. Reading up on Bitcoin and Ripple is the first thing i should do, but in the meantime if anyone of you have some ripples (XRP) for me, please here’s my ripple address:


And for all other ripple owners just put your ripple address in the comments and let’s share some ripples.


Make Money Online with Clickbank

Join ClickBank to earn some extra cash

Hello money makers,

I have read about clickbank in the past and i always thought you must have a high traffic website before you could signup. It turns out you don’t have too, well i have signup and i can start promoting some products.

It looks fun to create some optimize product landingspage for a particular product. I am using wordpress so i am going to create a template page per product. I hope i can find a good product which has valuable information for making money online.

[Edit] I should read the clickbank help / FAQ before i make an unique landingspage. I came across these issues:

  • all unique landing pages should be approved by ClickBank’s Business Services team.
  • by default ClickBank only allows you one landing page where affiliates can send traffic

Make Money Online with Clickbank

How to earn 100k in the new online educations world

It’s a long way to earn 100.000 euro online, so I have set myself another quest: Find a suitable online Masters degree. Why? Just for the knowledge Trying to find my way in the new online education world. Been a while since I have passed my Masters of Business (would be 7 years ago). In the past years I been busy building my own business (running a design agency), but I notice the marketeer and financial guy in me were not happy.

So I have started to search everything I could find about the new online education programs, online masters of education and bachelor degrees. I don’t think I have enough sparetime to post on a daily basis, but I will try to do post as frequently as possible.
Furthermore I like to review some online MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs out there on the internet. If you have some information about the online education, please post them.

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AOL datalist: an adsense holy grail??

Major mistake AOL made by releasing search data that includes 20 million web queries from 650,000 AOL users and get this the data contains personal information and with a little cross referencing it’s worth gold. The data includes all searches from those users for a three month period this year, as well as whether they clicked on a result, what that result was and where it appeared on the result page.

You might have read about the big mistake AOL made by publishing search queries over 3 months. AOL has taken their list of 439mb down, but don’t panic on this blog you find a lot of information related to the AOL data list


You might find it usefull to target your adsense with the keywordlist some of the links provide.

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Quest-O-Meter stands 18.08

Just a little Quest-O-Meter it’s now up to €18.08 most of it from Google adsense. I know it’s a long way to go. But it’s fun to do and I learn a lot.

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